Curious about what tools and resources go into Coder Coder? Here are some helpful tools and resources that I use and love.

One note: some of the links below are designated as affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through the link, I will receive a small commission from the company. It's a simple way you can support this site at no extra cost to yourself.


SiteGround Website Hosting (affliliate link)
Fast (SSD-powered), reasonably priced web hosting with terrific customer service. (Also not owned by the EIG conglomerate like BlueHost, HostGator, etc.) It's what I use with this site!
Host Your Website
Online kanban board (like virtual sticky notes) that help you track your progress in projects. I used this for everything from work to meal planning.
Organize Your Life
Simple yet powerful tool that helps you track your time, categorized into customized jobs and clients.
Track Your Time
Visual Studio Code
My code editor of choice-- it's free, lightweight, easy to use, and allows a lot of customizations. What's not to like?
Edit Awesome Code


Mini Dry Erase Board (affliliate link)
I keep one next to my desk and it helps my work productivity a tonnn. I use it to write down my to list for the day, troubleshoot bugs, and even sketch out website layouts. I've even started bringing it with me when I travel.
Write Endless Notes
Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard & Mouse (affliliate link)
When my old Optical Microsoft Mouse finally kicked the bucket, I knew I wanted to get a cool keyboard and mouse set. The Cooler Master was really reasonably priced, and I was pleasantly surprised at both how cool it looks and how well it's held up so far.
Code Like A Boss
Samson Go Mic (affliliate link)
I've used this incredibly compact USB microphone for everything from video calls to recording guitar songs. Personally I think this one is great quality for the price-- plus it comes in a tiny little zippered case. Cute and super portable.
Sound Like A Boss
Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5 Black Pens (affliliate link)
I first found these pens in a stationery shop in Japan, and stocked up before I went back home. Then I was thrilled to find out that you can get these on Amazon! (Now I can stop rationing my pen writing)
Scribble Beautifully