Want to get better at coding?


If you’re just starting out learning web development, you may be feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. And even if you’re a working professional, you have to fight bugs and distractions so you can get your work done.

As a technology field, web development is changing quickly and constantly. However, I believe that there are some overarching principles that you can learn to get better at coding more quickly.

In my time working as a web dev, I’ve noticed that being good at two things can really help you excel:

  1. Learning and applying new skills quickly.
  2. Debugging and problem-solving effectively.

I’ve written a brief 18-page guide with strategies about learning and problem-solving that you can immediately apply to your own coding.

You can download it here for free. You’ll also get emails from me with tips and tutorials designed to help you excel as a web developer.

Hope you enjoy, and good luck in your coding journey!

— Jessica

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