Budget standing desk by ABLE Desk Co [Review]

Are you curious about the whole standing desk trend, but not sure if you want to pull the trigger quite yet?

Check out my thoughts on the ABLE Desk Co motorized standing desk!

Disclaimer: I did receive the standing desk and chair from the company, but all the opinions in this review are my own.

DIY crates, desk raisers, and motorized desks — which is best?

I’ve always been interested in ergonomics and standing desks. I just personally like the idea of optimizing the place where I spend the majority of my waking hours– smack dab in front of my computer.

So over the past few years, I’ve tried a lot of different desk setups. I also try to be frugal with my money, so I was always very hesitant to go all out and buy the most expensive solution out there.

I tried making a DIY standing desk by stacking wooden crates, boxes, and books on top of my regular desk. (Would NOT recommend that method, because things can fall over easily!)

My DIY standing desk, using wooden crates.
Again, not recommended! 😀

I also used a couple of manual desk raisers that let you adjust to sitting or standing height. These can be good solutions especially if you are price-conscious. However it’s honestly kind of a pain to keep having to manually raise and lower it all day.

Which brings me to my next point:

Why motorized standing desks are my pick

The motorized standing desk is obviously the best solution. You have way more desk space than with any of the other options, and being able to raise and lower your desk with just the press of a button is super convenient. These are the ideal standing desks.

But… I had never been able to bring myself to pull the trigger and buy one. Because they’re usually insanely expensive, around $1,000! It’s practically the price of a laptop– not easy to justify if you’re trying to spend your money wisely.

ABLE Desk Co’s standing desk + chair

The desk in standing position. Very solid construction, and doesn’t wobble!

However, motorized standing desks are getting more reasonable nowadays. The ABLE Desk Co desk is a perfect example of this. Instead of dropping a thousand dollars on something that you might not use long-term, their desks are just under $400– more than the price of dinner, but in my mind, much more affordable. It’s a really good budget pick for standing desks!

With that price point, you would think that their construction would suffer to cut corners. That was what my thought was, at least.

So when ABLE Desk Co contacted me, I was quite curious to see just how good quality their desk would be, because it was way more affordable than I’d seen other desks go for.

The desk: super high quality, at a reasonable price point

When the desk and chair arrived, I spent a couple hours putting them together (pro tip: use a drill with an allen wrench adapter to speed up the setup time). It wasn’t too difficult, and I only needed help when flipping the table upright at the very end.

To be honest, I was blown away by their attention to detail and the build quality. The desk was solid. Really, really solid.

The ABLE Desk Co desk, in sitting position.

It doesn’t wobble at all– something that I’ve heard happens sometimes with these standing desks. The table top is high quality as well– overall everything seems really strong and well-built.

The electronics were also planned really well. It comes with a button panel where you can raise and lower the height of the desk, but it also has 4 memory buttons so you can save your settings.

The electronic controls, with 4 height settings.

The desk chair from them is also really high quality– it has a firm foam bottom and a mesh back. And the bottom legs where the wheels attach are made of metal, not plastic like I’ve often seen. The chair is heavy duty and feels like it will last for a really long time.

And it’s adjustable in pretty much every way a chair can be adjustable! You can change the height of the chair, slide the seat forward and backward in relation to the back, and adjust the back angle and tension. The arms can be adjusted to go up or down, angle them to the left or right, and even bring the metal arms closer or farther away from the chair seat.

This is probably the most high quality desk chair I’ve used, and my last chair was a gaming chair!

Overall thoughts

Overall I’m super impressed and pleased with the desk and chair setup.

The only slight con is that the black tabletop of the desk is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. You can easily wipe it down, but if this might be an issue for you, I’d look at one of the non-black tabletop options. Another alternative that I’m doing is getting one of those desk mats under the keyboard so I will avoid leaving my fingerprints on the desktop itself. But the benefits of the desk outweigh this small issue, in my mind.

I really think ABLE Desk Co has blown it away with their motorized standing desk and chair. The amount of research, thought, and planning that went into their products is really obvious. They paid a lot of attention to fixing common problems and annoyances that you see in other standing desks.

Personally, I think it’s rare to see a company put this amount of thought and care into their products. Even if I hadn’t received this desk from them, if I had known that I could get a really solid standing desk at this price point, I would be ordering one right now.

Is this standing desk right for you?

Buying any standing desk is a relatively large investment. But if you’ve been shopping around or thinking about getting a standing desk, I highly recommend that you check out ABLE Desk Co. Their product is really solid and put together really well.

If you’re interested, check out their website!

Note: the following links are affiliate links, so I will get a commission on any purchases made through them. However, I genuinely like and believe in their product and their company, and would recommend them to friends and family.

Adjustable Standing Desk
Desk Chair

Feel free to reach out and leave a comment if you have any questions about the desk setup!

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